Ensuring Success With End Point Assessment: A Checklist

Ensuring Success With End Point Assessment Checklist
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    Hello Readers! Welcome back to the ACE360 blog. In today’s piece we will be offering some advice pertaining to End Point Assessment. As a market-leading Apprenticeship Management System who is partnered with a large number of EPAOs each using their own procedures to ensure success with End Point Assessment, we’ve cherry-picked a few that we feel represents best-practice!

    First of all, it’s worth noting what End Point Assessment is. This is the independent assessment which is taken at the end of the apprentice’s training which is designed to measure the Apprentice’s competence in a specific occupation. Importantly, ALL learners must eventually complete an End Point Assessment if pursuing an apprenticeship standard.

    So, why are we writing a blog piece about ensuring success with End Point Assessment? A recent survey conducted by The Apprentice Panel in 2020 showed that preparation for end point assessment scored very poorly. So, let’s get stuck into the following headers which we believe, based on the experience of our EPAO partners, will help you when ensuring success with End Point Assessment!

    Ensuring Success With End Point Assessment

    Ensuring Success With End Point Assessment – Checklist

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of best practice tips when preparing your learner for End Point Assessment. The most important aspect is preparation ahead of time! Take a look below: 

    • Explain the link between an Apprentice’s course and their End Point Assessment to ensure understanding.
    • Example End Point Assessments and portfolios should be offered to Apprentices for the sake of familiarisation.
    • Regular meetings should be in place with the learner to not only keep track of progress, but to instil a sense of preparation and readiness for the eventual end point assessment.
    • An acceptable amount of study leave should be permitted in advance of all assessments as well as the end point assessment to ensure that there is structure in the delivery of training and eventual preparation for the end assessment.
    • Targets set for learners should be clear and obviously linked to the requirements of End point assessment.
    • Training providers should seek to prepare sessions designed specifically to discuss preparation for EPA throughout the apprenticeship.
    • Apprentices should be encouraged to research their EPAO so that they can make use of the various assessment preparation materials on offer.
    • Formative assessment feedback should be actioned and followed up with during regular meetings that include other parties like the employer, provider and the apprentice themselves.
    • Extenuating circumstances and reasonable adjustments should be considered far in advance so that these are met during the end point assessment.
    • An extremely important part of preparing for End Point Assessment is by registering your learners on ACE360 as early as possible to give your EPAO the foresight needed to effectively plan ahead for your learner. Failure to do so means that your EPAO may not have the same availability that you require later down the line!

    Thank you for reading our latest blog piece which discusses all the best practice tips you should follow to ensure learner readiness for End Point Assessment. Speaking to many EPAOs, we believe that this non exhaustive end point assessment checklist will make sure you and your learners are well-prepared to take the assessment!

    We hope you found this blog piece helpful. In the future, keep your eye on our blog reel which shares free and informative content on a regular basis, and our YouTube channel for more in-depth tutorial content prepared by our friendly team.


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