Q&A with Keith Truslove, ACE360’s Account Director

Q&A with Keith Truslove, ACE360’s Account Director
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    Hey folks, Keith Truslove here. In today’s blog I’m thrilled to answer some of the questions that I am frequently asked regarding Higher Education Institutions HEIs and their approach to EPA and Apprenticeships. If you have a question and don’t see it below, don’t fret! You can ask me a question here.

    So, let’s dive into the questions that are commonly asked about HEIs and their role in apprenticeships!

    Q: What Challenges do HEIs Face with EPA?

    HEIs are entering the apprenticeship arena with gusto, but they often grapple with aligning EPA requirements with their existing structures.

    ACE360 is in the business of assessing our customers’ existing processes before streamlining them, and many HEI professionals are glad to hear that our EPA management platform can seamlessly integrate with a university’s existing LMS. In fact, ACE360 has done so for over 63% of Universities who handle degree apprenticeships so far… and counting!

    Q: How Does ACE360 Help HEIs Overcome These Challenges?

    We tailor our EPA solutions to fit seamlessly into your existing framework. ACE360 doesn’t just provide a platform; we collaborate closely with HEIs to customise EPA processes, ensuring they meet both educational standards and sector-specific requirements.

    This, we believe, is the ultimate solution to the mounting expectations placed on Universities when tasked with handling degree apprenticeships, helping ensure compliance and cost-effectiveness in the process!

    Q: What Role Does Technology Play in Enhancing EPA Outcomes for HEIs?

    Technology is our ally in optimising EPA processes. With ACE360, HEIs benefit from streamlined assessment scheduling, real-time progress tracking, and secure data management all via our GDPR friendly, secure and cloud-based platform. Our ongoing commitment to technological innovation is what ensures that we stay industry-leaders in our field!

    Q: How Does ACE360 Ensure HEIs Stay Compliant with EPA Regulations?

    We’re on top of EPA regulations so you can focus on educating tomorrow’s workforce. ACE360 equips HEIs with comprehensive compliance features, including audit trails and regular updates, ensuring you’re always ahead of the curve.

    Q: Any Success Stories Where ACE360 Made a Difference for HEIs?

    Absolutely! Middlesex University partnered with us to revamp their EPA approach, resulting in 70% less administrative tasks and a 50% faster turnaround of EPA. It’s a testament to our commitment to HEIs and their journey towards apprenticeship excellence! This is just one of our many success stories. For more, I encourage you to read our wall of love which features many other testimonials!

    Wrapping Up

    At ACE360, we’re passionate about supporting HEIs in their apprenticeship endeavours. Whether it’s enhancing compliance, making EPA easier or saving you time through streamlined processes, we’re here to empower HEIs every step of the way. And lastly, if you’re a university dealing with degree apprenticeships, let’s schedule a time to chat!

    This post was written by Keith Truslove

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    Keith is the Account Director at Federation for Industry Sector Skills and Standards (FISSS).

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