Who Uses ACE360? Only The Biggest & Best Of Course!

Who Uses ACE360?
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    Who uses ACE360? Well, we don’t want to blow our own trumpet… but we’ve got some pretty high profile users!

    Get to know just some of our partner Organisations and what they stand for below.

    1st For EPA ACE360

    1st For EPA

    According to 1st For EPA, carrying out a full or partial mock EPA can be extremely beneficial for Providers as it allows apprentices to experience EPA and shine a light on their own areas of strengths and weaknesses.

    GP Strategies ACE360

    GP Strategies

    Did you know, GP Strategies Corporation assessment Services are a fully independent End Point Assessment Organisation specialising in Adult Care and Business Sectors? They have a 99% success rate and offer a customer focused approach!

    United Centre of Excellence ACE360

    United Centre Of Excellence

    According the United Centre of Excellence you should ask yourself 5 questions before choosing an EPA: Are we registered? Are we relevant? Are we ready? Are we independent? Are we right for you?

    Elite Awarding ACE360

    Elite Awarding

    Did you know that Elite Awarding has over 30 years of assessment experience, employing full-time, part-time and freelance assessors?

    Smart Awards ACE360

    Smart Awards

    Smart Awards are committed to offering fit for purpose qualifications across the sectors they represent to help raise the standards of learners and equip them with the knowledge and skills to carry out their job safely.

    LG RWC ACE360

    LG RWC

    Work observations, practical demonstrations, project/presentation demonstrations and discussions/interviews are some of the methods used by LG WRC to ensure attainment of Standards.

    Allsup & Dale ACE360

    Allsup And Dale

    According to Allsup and Dale, Agility, responsiveness, support and honesty are crucial components to their service offering.

    Interested in joining the growing list of Providers, Employers and EPA Organisations trusting ACE360 with their Apprenticeship Standards?

    Say no more – sign up to our free upcoming webinar by clicking here.

    What Happens After The Webinar?

    After joining the webinar you will be invited to claim your very own free account which you can use to benefit from our unique pay as you go token approach Apprenticeship Data Management solution.

    The benefit of pay as you go is that you only have to pay a small set fee for each Apprentice record you wish to upload to ACE360. Great news, it’s only £7.50 + VAT, the price of a G&T, and you can upload as many or as few as your Organisation requires!

    We are proud to see in our recent survey consultation that 93.4% of the industry agrees that we are the most cost-effective solution on the market, with the majority seeing our solution as the favourable option over those who charge expensive recurring monthly fees. Learn more about our user feedback here.

    About ACE360

    We are ACE360 – the only free to use Apprenticeship Management Software on the market and we were built by the creators of the previous Apprenticeship Certification England system which you may be familiar with.

    In short, we are a clever central data hub which those involved in the delivery and assessment of Apprenticeship Standards use to safely and efficiently send, handle, store and transfer sensitive and previously complicated Apprenticeship records. Learn more about how ACE360 can benefit your Organisation by clicking here.

    Take a look at some of our other fantastic partner Organisations here!

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    With over 10 years of experience, ACE360 harnesses the knowledge and trusted track record of FISSS to provide an outstanding experience for all involved in Apprenticeship Standards.

    Got a question about our unique Apprenticeship Management Solution or want to create a free account?

    Our industry-leading support team are just an email or phone-call away and will be able to assist with any queries you may have.

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