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why upload records early
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    Why upload records early?

    Hello! Welcome back to our blog. Today we are going to be explaining the importance of uploading records to ACE360 as early as possible and the benefits of doing so.

    We know all too well the desire to ‘put off’ tasks like this as you will feel that you are constantly working through a never-ending to-do list! Please hear us out though, we guarantee that this will make your experience of using ACE360 as stress-free, seamless, and easy as possible in the long run…

    So, Why Upload Early?

    Generally, leaving token purchasing until the point of EPA tends to create holdups and other issues later down the line. Mostly due to the fact that it inhibits EPA businesses ability to forecast when to schedule in your EPA business which means that you may be added to the ‘back of the waiting list’ when you are in urgent need for their services.

    So, it is best practice for Providers to purchase their tokens as soon as they can. Below are the benefits of purchasing tokens and registering Apprentices early:


    So, What Are The Benefits?

    • No last minute ‘panic’ at EPA.
    • Prices are fixed, so we encourage those able to stock up now to do so.
    • Automated refund for withdrawals within 90 days meaning that there is no risk.
    • Token purchasing is levy deductable so it is best to get in there quick and ‘stock up’.
    • Unlimited user access allows for businesses to work on a record collectively. For example, portfolios can be completed by several tutors, work based learning co-ordinators or trainers while the Apprentice is on programme. The more people with eyes on the record as soon as possible the better!
    • You will know the gateway and EPA requirements of the Standard at an early stage, meaning Apprentices are better prepared for EPA!
    • Review meeting information and progress can be uploaded throughout the programme, meaning that there won’t be a last minute scramble to collect your documents.
    • As soon as you have uploaded your Apprentice to ACE360 you will be able to access EPA resources and expertise.

    So, we hope that we were able to answer the question ‘why upload records early?’ and explain the benefits of doing so. In short, don’t delay, register for EPA today!

    Our team stand ready to process all data uploads securely – click here to learn what data upload approach is right for you or email support@targeteds37.sg-host.com to get started today!

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