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    Hello and welcome back to our blog.

    We have welcomed a whole load of lovely new users lately, so thought why not share the top 5 most asked questions we receive about ACE360 on the blog!

    So, in this blog piece, we will share a cross-section of popular questions we receive about our Apprenticeship Management Software. For the full list of FAQs, please visit our FAQ page here.

    1.What Is ACE360?

    ACE360 is an Apprenticeship Management IT system that enables you to manage Apprenticeship Standards delivery efficiently, securely and without paper. It links into your Learner Management System to ensure that data is accurate and joined up. It covers the whole Apprenticeship journey, all the way through from enrolment to certification. For more information see our Features page.

    2.Why Choose ACE360?

    ACE360 does what it says on the tin – we have no hidden costs and our features aim to make your life easier. Don’t like using our system? Don’t worry, there are no strings attached! Our pay as you go approach allows organisations to work at their own pace, so why not try out our software today?

    3.Is Data Held Securely & GDPR Compliant On ACE360?

    ACE360 is hosted in a secure data warehouse in the UK. We ensure that organisations using ACE360 are approved to support Apprenticeship Standard training and assessment. Each user that is invited to use ACE360 has a defined role which ensures they can only access the information that they need to undertake their role. Our systems are regularly penetration tested and maintained in line with industry-wide data security best practice. ACE360 complies with all relevant legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

    4.I Am Moving Over To ACE360 And Have Lots of Apprentice Records To Add. Can This Be Done In Bulk?

    There are a few ways that apprentice records can be added to ACE360. If you work with a learner management system such as PICS, this can be integrated with ACE360. Alternatively you can request our bulk upload form, for 5 learners or more, fill it in and password protect it for GDPR compliance. Contact us for a copy of the form.

    5.How Much Does ACE360 Cost?

    ACE360 is free of charge for the majority of users. There is no setup cost, license or support fee. The only cost is a £7.50 (plus VAT) fee per Apprentice payable by the organisation first creating the Apprentice record.

    So, we hope you found this blog piece helpful! If you ever find yourself needing a question answered – no matter how big or small – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our brilliant support team.

    The ACE360 Team.

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