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Accept a Booking

Once you have viewed a booking, you are ready to accept a booking. After you have reviewed the details, click ‘MANAGE BOOKING’ > ‘ACCEPT/REJECT BOOKING’.

To accept the booking, select ‘ACCEPT THIS BOOKING’ from the drop-down list.

The following declaration will appear.

  • I have no conflict of interest with the apprentice’s employer organisation.
  • I have no conflict of interest with the Lead Training Provider organisation.
  • I have no conflict of interest with any of the apprentices.

Please review and accept that there is no conflict of interest with the Employer, the Provider or the apprentice by checking the boxes. Click ‘CONFIRM’ to accept it.

ACCEPTED ASSIGNMENTS can be filtered using the search and filter functionality on the All Bookings tab. You can use the date filter to search for the number of accepted bookings within a given date range. For example, ‘how many bookings have I accepted this week?’

The accepted slots will show in your dashboard.

The bookings will be confirmed, and you need to wait until the Assessment date to confirm attendance.

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