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Confirm Attendance

On the date of the assessment, you can confirm attendance of the apprentices. Click onto the booking, select the Apprentices tab and select which apprentices attended, or choose ‘select all’ to mark all as attended.

Confirm Attendance

Click ‘CONFIRM ATTENDANCE’ and this will save the attendance for the booking to be reviewed by the admin. The booking will move to complete the following day.

You will be able to see the historic attendance within the Apprentices tab of the booking.

Once the assessment date has passed and the attendance has been marked. The status will change to ‘Completed’. The completed booking will be visible on your dashboard and the search and filter functionality can be used to find completed bookings within a given date range.

More information on Dashboards and Search and Filter functionality can be found in the following sections.

We hope our latest knowledge-base article was able to help you understand the confirm attendance functionality on ACE360. If you still need help, why not view other knowledge base articles by clicking here or view our helpful and informative content created by our friendly team by clicking here!

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