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Certificate Posting Address

ACE360 allows users to change the certificate posting address whilst the Apprentice has no grade applied. This feature on the system may support when an Apprentice moves office or employer during EPA. Due to ACE360 having an API key to the ESFA portal the certificate will be sent to the address highlighted in the certificate an Apprentice profile. this is set as a default to go to the employers address.

First, click on an Apprentice record and you will see three tabs on their profile.

Certificate Posting Address

As mentioned above, this tab may be used of the following reasons:

  • The apprentice requests that the certificate is sent directly to them
  • The apprentice moves employer during EPA
  • The employer is moving office during EPA

To edit the certificate delivery address, click the “Edit Delivery Address” button and fill in the information. Users will have the option to input the recipient’s name, department name and organisation name, as well as the address details. The address details can be entered manually, or a postcode look up. Once complete this will be displayed in the certificate tab.

Once all information has been input and saved the certificate will be sent to the address that has been supplied.

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