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Editing Organisational Information

ACE360 makes editing organisational information easy for both EPAOs and Providers. This ensures that details are kept up to date and accurate, such as;

  • Company Name
  • Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Email Address

This is to ensure that the EPAO’s you’re connected with as a provider, can see the correct details and who to communicate with within your business. Likewise, if you’re a provider the EPAO you work with can review your information and speak to the key stakeholder.

This information can be updated as many times as possible to allow for staff changes and can only be updated by a Super Admin user on the system.

In order to update the information, the first step is to click on the “General Settings” icon in the left-hand side menu.

Editing organisational information

Next, click on the “Organisational Info” tab.

Once here, click on the “Edit Company Profile” button in the bottom right-hand side. This will allow any changes to the organisational information to be applied. Once complete, please click the save button.

The changes will now be applied to your ACE360 account and be visible in the LTP Links or EPAO Links depending on the whether you’re a provider of EPAO.

We hope this article was helpful in your understanding of editing organisational information within ACE360. Need more help? Check out our other Knowledge Base articles here or our Youtube channel here which is full of free and informative content.

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