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Account Set Up & Navigation

Upon completing your log-in and signing in to the system for the first time, you will be presented with the home screen. Within this page, you will notice a column on the left-hand side of the screen which has various options such as “Dashboard” “Token Management” “Apprentice Records”.

You will be presented with a notification to add new users to the system. In order to do this, you can either click on the invite new user’s option as seen below.

NOTE: Once a new Admin account, this account will be able to set up other types of accounts such as Training Manager & Training Co-ordinator. Alternatively, the Super Admin can set up all the required accounts on the system.

Alternatively, you can go to general settings in the menu and click on “General Settings”

NOTE: The menu bar may be presented differently, depending on the size of your screen, larger screens will have icons and a name underneath and smaller screens will display icons only. The menu remains visible on all pages enabling you to navigate through ACE360.

Once the invite users button has been clicked on the home screen or you use the menu and click on “General Settings”, the system will automatically take you to the next section, simply just need to click the “Users” tab and click on “Invite a new user”

Complete the “Add new user” pop-up. Enter the users’ email address and assign them a user role within ACE360. Click the green circle with the plus sign to add the user details to the system. Please note that the system enables the super admin or admin to add as many users, and types as you require. Remember to click the green circle with the plus sign to add each of the new user details to your list.

When you have added all users you require to the system, click the “Send Invites” button. All of the new users will receive an email inviting them to join ACE360 and create their account profiles.

Unless you are the super admin and the designated Finance Manager user, you should set up a Finance Manager account as soon as possible to enable the purchase of tokens for your organisation.

NOTE: You will need to have available tokens before you can complete your organisation’s ACE360 set-up. You cannot add any new apprentice records to the system until you have purchased some tokens.

See how to purchase ACE360 tokens for more information by clicking here.

Within the “General Settings”, all system users can view and edit their own profile. they can also view organisation info and EPAO Links.

Only Super Admin and Admin users can edit organisational or EPAO information. The Super Admin user account does have a delete facility.

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