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Account Setup

To use the tool to its full potential there are a few steps required by IEPAs or LIEPAs throughout account setup.

There are a few checks to ensure the bookings can be allocated correctly to assessors.

  1. ASSESSOR ACCESS – Ensure assessors have access and have set up their ACE360 account.
  2. STANDARD(s) – Ensure the standard of the apprentice(s) you want to assign are assigned to your IEPA.
  3. ASSESSOR AVAILABILITY – Ensure assessors have added their availability in their general settings.
  4. SELECTED REGIONS – Ensure assessors have selected the regions which they are available to assess face to face assessments.

It is important that IEPAs keep this information up to date as this will limit delays, cancelled or rejected bookings.  Unless this information is up to date an assessor may appear as unavailable when they are in fact available.

Setting Up – Standards

For the scheduling and booking tool to be able to understand which apprentices and bookings can be allocated to the Assessor(s). The Super Admin/Admin needs to ensure the Standards, pathways and versions are assigned to the Assessor. This can be completed in the user profile of the assessor in ‘General Settings’ and the ‘User’ tab.

Account Setup

Setting Up – Assessor Availability

To help minimise admin and to speed up the booking process, assessors can update their availability. You may only work 4 days a week or may require at least 2 weeks notice. It is important to communicate with assessors that the responsibility of maintaining their availability is with them, and they may miss out on bookings if this is not kept up to date. Assessors can select all days and leave the date open-ended, but this may lead to delays and increased rejections of booking requests. It is important to emphasise the importance of keeping their availability up to date.

To do this, go to General Settings and click the availability.

Setting Up – Selected Regions

ACE360 Booking Tool has clever algorithms to allocate face-to-face bookings based on their regional availability in England and Wales.

Once a booking request is created and a postcode is entered into the venue, ACE360 searches for an assessor in that region. These assessors are then displayed in the ‘Choose Assessor(s)’ section. It is important that assessors choose all the regions that they are able to cover

The regions are sorted alphabetically in England, then alphabetically in Wales. The search function will help find your region easily.

We hope our knowledge-base article was able to explain account setup to you. If you need more help, why not head on over to our YouTube channel which is full of free and informative tutorial content created by our friendly team. Click here to view!

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