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ACE360 Knowledge Base

ACE360 Knowledge Base

This part of the ACE360 system, allows EPAOs to upload guidance and support documentation. These resources will give guidance on specific EPAO processes and procedures and can either be generic guidance or standard specific.

LTP users will be able to access generic resources for all the EPAOs that they are linked to. These could be documents from the EPAO that covers:

  • EPA Booking Process
  • Payment Options
  • Appeals/Compliaints Process
  • Contact information
  • Use of online testing facilities

Users will only be able to access standard specific resources for standards that have been assigned to apprentices undertaking these standards. Standard specific guidance may relate to the following:

  • Specific Assessment Plan Documentation
  • EPAO Specific Requirements
  • EPAO Hints and Tips Guidance
  • EPA Grading Criteria

Accessing the Knowledge Base

To access the knowledge base, you will first need to register an apprentice with your EPAO. Once this has been done, go to “Apprentice Records” in the left-hand menu.

Select an apprentice, to open the apprentices profile.

Here you will see the name of the standard and an icon with a magnifying glass, click this button and you will be able to see all the information that has been uploaded by your EPAO.

From here you will be able to download information that has been uploaded by your EPAO against the standard.

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