Adding a New Apprentice Record

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Adding a New Apprentice Record

Please note that before you can add any new apprentice records to ACE360, you must have available tokens. The number of available tokens will be displayed at the top of your ACE360 screen. If there are no available tokens then please contact your organisation’s ACE360 Finance Manager and request the purchase of tokens.

If you need help on how to purchase tokens in ACE360, please see guidance here.

Before adding a new apprentice record, you will need the following information for each apprentice record you would like to add to the system.

  • Apprentice Basic Details – DOB, NI Number, ULN etc.
  • Apprentice Contact Information
  • Apprentice Additional Information – Funded & any additional learning needs
  • Apprentice’s Employer Basic Information
  • Apprentice’s Employer Contact Information
  • Apply a standard (ensure you add the correct pathway where relevant)
  • Select an EPAO (this can be done at a later date, please note that EPAO dialogue must take place 6 months before the EPA date)
  • Apprentice Start Date/Expected Date for EPA

All of the fields within the record are mandatory and some have additional in-built validation to ensure their accuracies, such as the NI Number, ULN and phone number fields. Please note that information can be edited at a later date if required.

You have the option to link the apprentice record to an EPAO at the point of creation, alternatively, this can be done at a later date. If you have chosen not to add the EPAO, you may also get a message displayed that warns you that you are not currently linked to an EPAO that can assess the selected standard. This should be rectified as soon as possible.

To add a new apprentice record, open the “Apprentice Records” option on the system and click the green ” Add Apprentice Record” button.

Next, a multi-step form will open. Here you will need to input the details into each section. Within this section can click on the icon on the right within the form to expand or minimise sections. When completing the details for these sections, some of the fields have validation settings to ensure the format of a number is correct – the format or data is incorrect, the form will alert you by turning red.

To get the apprentice record on the system, each section will need to be filled in. When on the Apprentice’s Contact Details, this information can be added manually or you can look up the address for the learner by putting their postcode in the section.

The next step of the process is to enter the Apprentice’s funding information and any additional learning support the learner made require whilst understanding the standard. If the learner does require learning support you will be given a drop-down to select from to identify the additional needs the learner may have. This will show on their profile and the EPAO will be able to view this information.

You will also be able to request reasonable adjustments being made for the learner when going through EPA, for further guidance on how to do this within the system please click here.

The next section is based around the apprentice’s employer, within this section, you will need to enter the employer’s basic information, as well as the employer’s contact information.

The final step in the process is to select the apprentice’s standard of study, in this section, all the standards that are aligned to your account will be in the list. Here you can also input the apprentice’s start date and if you know the expected end date you are able to input this within the system, if you don’t know this date this can be edited later to support your EPAO with forecasting.

If you know the EPAO you are working with at this stage you can select from the list of EPAO’s that you work with. Once this has been done you can simply click “create account” and this will add the apprentice to your apprentice records section within ACE360.

If you don’t know the EPAO that you are going to be working with when creating the apprentice’s record, you can click no. This can be changed at a later date within the learner’s profile.

We strongly recommend creating an apprentice record at the start of their Apprenticeship to ensure that you have the full benefit of the ACE360 system, including:

  • Access to Gateway and EPA component information
  • Access to communication and guidance from the EPAO’s with whom you work
  • Early notificaiton of forthcoming work for all parties. For example, to ensure demande for EPAOS services can be planned for and managed effectivley.

Adding apprentice records to ACE360 as they approach Gateway may result in EPAO’s delaying End-Point Assessment activities as they will not have had sufficient prior notifications that apprentices would be coming forward for EPA services and therefore have been unable to pre-plan/schedule the required EPA activities for your apprentices.

The next step on the system is to view your apprentice record

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