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The appeals feature allows any LTP user to request any appeal on behalf of an apprentice.

Appeals are allowed up to 15 days after the final grade has been awarded by the EPAO. This includes fails but excludes apprentices that have been award the highest grade.

In the case of a fail, users have the option to request a resit or appeal. Resit is used where the apprentice accepts that the assessment was fair and has no grounds to appeal. The appeal is used where the apprentice feels the assessment was not fair and they believe they have grounds to appeal to the decision.

Please check with your EPAO for their appeal process for acceptable appeal requests.

When an appeal is allowed, a menu option appears in the Actions menu on an apprentice record.

The submit appeal dialogue box appears, enter the reason for the appeal. If required upload a document with full details of the nature of the appeal or an appeals form that has been approved by your EPAO.

Once the appeal has been submitted a new item appears in the EPA components area. Selecting this item reveals the full details of the appeal on the right of the apprentice record.

All open appeals can be viewed on the dashboard or by using the search and filter function in the apprentice record section.

Once the EPAO has completed their investigation into the appeal, they make an appeal decision and either uphold the previous grade or change the grade.

The appeal process is now complete and the result is sent to the ESFA for certification.

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