Apprentice Accounts

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Apprentice Accounts

Each apprentice record in ACE360 has account information associated with it. This can only be accessed by Super Admin and Admin users.

This can be accessed by either:

  • Clicking on the accounts icon on the main menu bar. All apprentice records will be displayed with summary information relating to PO and invoice numbers. Click on an apprentice to open their record.
  • Within an apprentices record, click on the view account information button in the top right-hand corner

Record Information

This information is pre-populated using data inputted as part of the apprentice record creation.

  • ACE360 ID – Unique reference number assigned by ACE360 to each apprentice record
  • ULN – Apprentices ULN, added as part of the apprentice record creation
  • Employer ERN – Added as part of the apprentice record creation. This filed can be left blank if necessary
  • Standard – Standard apprentice is undertaking
  • Standard Level – Level of the standard the apprentice is undertaking
  • Standard Code – This is the unique code assigned by the IFA to each standard
  • LARS Code – This is the code used by the ESFA for funding purposes
  • EPAO Name – Displays name of attached EPAO
  • Reasonable Adjustment – This is where an LTP can request that the EPAO grants reasonable adjustments for an apprentice who may require additional support whilst undertaking EPA activities. Any supporting documentation can be uploaded to the shared documents area for the EPAO to view. The attached EPAO will accept or deny the request via ACE360

Accounts Information

  • EPAO Internal ID – This reference number is provided by the attached EPAO and will be auto-populated using the data they have input
  • PO Number – Use this field if the attached EPAO payment process requires the LTP to raise a puchase order (PO). Note that if you need to change the EPAO associated with an apprentice record then you will need to delete any PO number entered into the account information for the apprentice
  • Invoice Number – This field will be populated by the attached EPAO
  • Paid – This field is managed by the attached EPAO. A red cross – Not paid and a green tick is paid. By default this is set to not paid
  • Funding Type – Choose the correct option from the drop-down list
  • Prime/Sub Contract – Choose the correct option from the drop-down list
  • ULN Validated – Some EPAOs will carry out apprentice ULN validation but it is not a mandatory requirement. This field is managed by the attached EPAO. By default this is a red cross, meaning not validated.

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