Apprentice Gateway Rejections

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Apprentice Gateway Rejections

Apprentice records that have been submitted for gateway can be rejected by the EPAO. If any of the evidence submitted is incorrect or unacceptable the EPAO may reject this within the system. The ACE360 system has a built-in flow process for dealing with apprentices who have not been approved for EPA.

The EPAO can accept or reject individual gateway components after reviewing submitted evidence. The rejection of just one component will mean that the overall gateway request will have to be rejected. However, any components that have been accepted will be marked as such and locked to prevent any further changes.

If an apprentice has their gateway approval rejected by an EPAO, then the apprentice record will appear with the status as a red circle with an “E” inside. The “E” means Gateway Rejected within ACE360.

Opening the apprentice’s record will show the progress bar with EPA ready in red, indicating that the gateway has not been approved.

Any gateway components that have been accepted/approved will be shown in green and have a red, locked padlock icon. These cannot be edited.

Gateway components that have been rejected will be shown in red and have an unlocked padlock icon.

There will also be an EPAO gateway rejection notes section which, when you click on will open full details on why the rejection was made.

Within the apprentice profile, you will notice that each gateway component will indicate how many attempts have been made. For example, 1st attempt, 2nd attempt etc. Allowing you to keep track of how many times the information has been uploaded until correct.

ACE360 will retain a record of any previous (failed) attempts and the evidence associated with each attempt.

Resubmitting for Gateway Approval

For failed gateway components, you will need to resubmit alternative/additional evidence. ACE360 will not allow you to resubmit an apprentice for EPA without taking some remedial action. Remember that the apprentice may require additional training/support prior to them being resubmitted for EPA.

To upload new or additional evidence, click the component name and uploaded documentation as seen below:

You are now ready to confirm gateway readiness and resubmit the apprentice’s ACE360 record to the assigned EPAO for review.

To do this, click the “Actions” button and select “Confirm Gateway Readiness”

A warning box will appear to remind you that once you have confirmed the apprentice as gateway ready, the EPAO will be notified and the apprentices ACE360 record will be locked for any further editing by you. However, you will still be able to view the apprentice record.

Similarly, if an apprentice fails their EPA, their status and progress line will be updated for you to view. However, the record remains locked. You will be able to see which EPA components were failed as they will show in red colour. Those passed will be shown in green.

In future, ACE360 will send system notifications to users to inform them when apprentice statuses change. For example, gateway approved or gateway rejected, EPA approved & grade determined or EPA failed.

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