Apprentice Records View

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Apprentice Records View

Apprentice Records View

Within ACE360, you are able to view all of your apprentices across all EPAO’s that you work within the “Apprentice Records” option. This area of the system will show all live and historic apprentices, as well as providing key information relating to each apprentice such as:

  • ID – a unique automatically generated ACE360 system number
  • Name – Apprentice name
  • DOB – Apprentice date of birth
  • EPAO – Assigned EPAO or if non assigned this shows a red triangle with an exclamation mark
  • Standard – Title of the apprenticeship standard the apprentice is registered on
  • Level – Level of the apprenticeship standard the apprentice is registered on
  • Start date – Apprentice start date
  • Expected Gateway date – Data apprentice is expected to be ready for gateway
  • Status – Apprentices will start and remain at “In training” status until they are ready for Gateway when you will be able to progress their status to “Ready for Gateway”. The other apprentice statues within the sytem are, Gatway Evidence complete, Gateway approved, EPA Ready, EPA progress, EPA passed and grade determined.

Within this area of the system, you are able to export data to view the information in more detail, as well as filtering the apprentice records to show certain EPAO’s, status, training coordinators, date ranges etc. which may support internal processes and procedures.

To view the apprentice records, navigate to this area using the menu on the left-hand side.

Apprentice Records View

NOTE: for Super Admin and Admin users, there is an additional tab called “Record Assignment”. This enables these users to select and assign individual, or groups of apprentices, to specific ACE360 users within their organisation. this function is covered in a separate area of the ACE360 knowledge base – to view please click here

To apply filters to view the data you require, simply click the filter button and here will you be given a choice of numerous filters that you can apply.

With the filters that can be applied within the system, this can support organisations with viewing apprentices all the way from “In Training” right through to “ESFA Certification”. Allowing providers to know when the qualification has been issued and providing this detail to their customers to support with transparency.

Once an apprentice record has been progressed to “Gateway Approved” status the record will be locked and no further evidence can be uploaded against the standard. Details such as the apprentice’s address can still be edited by the provider to ensure that data is accurate for EPAO. Even though the profile becomes locked as a provider you are still able to view the profile and track the EPA journey within using the “Apprentice Progress” timeline within their record.

To view the timeline simply click the apprentice and the timeline will appear to give you a visual of their journey.

To view more on how to assign user accounts to certain apprentice records, as well as how to upload information to the record for the EPAO please view some of the other sections within the knowledge base.

We hope our latest knowledge-base piece has helped you understand the ACE360 features relating to apprentice records view. If you still need more help, why not watch one or two of our helpful Youtube tutorials created by our team? Click here!

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