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Assessor Assignment

Once a booking is requested, you are able to review the booking and assign your Assessors or Senior Assessors to the booking. Click on the All Bookings Tab, select the booking you wish to review and allocate to your Assessors.

Click manage booking and select Assessor Assignment.

Click the start time, and click the end time, a blue section will highlight the assessment period.

The Assessors who are available on that date and time will appear on the right-hand side, simple click the tick box next to their name.

Only Assessors who have indicated they are available on the date of the assessment will appear on this screen. To view more information on Assessor Availability settings, click here. Please note multiple Assessors can be selected against a booking request.

Assessors who have already been assigned to the record will show as pending. The search bar can be used to find assessors by first name or surname.

After selecting the assessor(s) click save to send the request to your assessors(s).

By clicking cancel you will return to your booking details.

Assessor Assignment Filter Options

Now you have assigned the bookings to your assessor(s), they need to accept your request. If they are using the calendar URL, this will create a pending booking for the date requested. They may use an external email application like google to notify them of the new bookings.

You can use the Assessor Assignment status search functionality to track the progress of your bookings and whether or not an assessor(s) have accepted them.

Bookings that are assigned to assessors can be filtered by the Assessor Assignment status. Filters are explained in our additional feature section and will help manage your bookings on a day to day basis. Bookings can be filtered by Assignment status in All bookings.

The statues that can be searched are:

  • Pending – booking is waiting to be accepted by Assessor(s)
  • Accepted – booking has been accepted by Assessor(s), can be confirmed with provider
  • Rejected – booking has been rejected by Assessor, Assessors can be removed and booking reallocated to another assessor, edited or cancelled.

A date picker is available to search for bookings that have been accepted, rejected or pending Assessor Assignment. For example, you may want to see bookings that have been accepted in a given date range.

Once all filters have been applied, this will show the information in the all booking tab as seen below:

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