Assigning Apprentice Records to ACE360 Users

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Assigning Apprentice Records to ACE360 Users

When you have created an apprentice record on ACE360, you can assign them to other ACE360 users within your organisation. For example, assigning apprentices to their relevant training manager/co-ordinator (i.e. the person who takes responsibility for their day-to-day learning journey whilst in training). This can support individualised tracking and reporting within the organisation and feed data through to internal processes.

Before you can assign apprentices to ACE360 users, you must have set up relevant ACE360 user accounts for the individual to who you wish to assign the apprentice. If you need to set up any additional user accounts then please see our guide on account setups here.

To assign an ACE360 user within your organisation to an apprentice record, simply go to the “Apprentice Record” area of the system go to the “Record Assignment” Tab

Please note that only Super Admin, Admin and Training Manager users are able to assign user accounts to an apprentice record.

Within the “Record Assignment” tab, you’re able to use the “Training Co-ordinator Controls” drop-down menu to select the ACE360 user you wish to assign to an apprentice record(s).

Once you have selected the ACE360 user you’d like to assign to apprentice records, simply use the checkbox at the far right of each apprentice record to select the apprentice(s) you wish to assign the user to. Click “Apply” to assign the record. To unassign a user from the record, this is the same process by selecting the apprentice and clicking “remove applied TC”

Once an apprentice record has been assigned to a user, their initials (or profile picture) will be displayed to the right of the status column. If you hover the mouse over the icon, the full name of the assigned user will pop up.

Users will only be able to be assigned apprentices who are on one of the standards that have been linked to their ACE360 account.

If you are having difficulty assigning an apprentice to a specific ACE360 user, then check that the user has been assigned the required standard.

Training Manager users will be able to see all apprentices on any standard that has been assigned to them – even for apprentices that have not been assigned specifically to them (to directly manage) but are assigned to another Training Manager or Training Co-Ordinator user in their organisation. They will be able to see the initials/profile picture of the user gainst each apprentice they have been assigned to.

Once created, Training Managers will be able to assign apprentice records to Training Co-ordinators.

Training Co-ordinators will only see apprentices that have been specifically assigned to them.

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