Assigning Standards

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Assigning Standards

Assigning Standards

Having set up your ACE360 users, you must then start assigning standards to each user for the specific standards that they will be assessing.

Please note this can only be done by Super Admin and Admin users, otherwise, you won’t be able to assign any apprentices to specific ACE360 users (e.g. training Coordinators & Training Managers).

To assign standards to a user accounts, first, select General Settings in the menu bar and the User tab. Once here select the required user from the list and click the “Edit Profile” button.

Once in the user’s profile, click the “Assign Standards” button, from the list of available standards, click the ones that you want to assign to the user. They will go green In colour once you have selected the standards. To deselect a standard simply click on it again. There is a select all feature within each sector grouping. Once complete click Save.

When all the standards have been selected, click save changes and the user’s profile is updated. You can view the standards assigned to them on the right-hand side of their profile page. At any time you can add/remove standards to a user’s account.

Users can only be able to be assigned apprentices who are on one of the standards linked to their account. If you’re having difficulty assigning an apprentice to a specific user account, check that the user has been assigned the required standard.

The assessor can see apprentices only on the standards they have been assigned and that have been assigned to them.

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