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Attaching Standards

ACE360 allows providers to update their standards offering with ease and control this within the system. Providers can update the standards they offer and add apprentice records to each standard once the EPAO link has been accepted.

To attach standards to your organisation, you will need to start by clicking the “Standards” icon in the menu bar

Once in the “Standards” section of ACE360, you will be presented with all the standards that are built into the system. Standards and versions are updated daily by our support team to ensure that the system is constantly up to date.

Within this section, you can click on each standard to find out more information about grades, duration, LARS codes, EPA components, Gateway Components and more. To do this you can simply click on the standard you wish to find out more information about and review each area.

This can be done by scrolling through and finding the standard you wish to review or using the filter or search bar to find your desired standard. Searchable elements are the standard name, ST code, version number and level

To add a standard to your offering, in this section you simply have to click on the “Update Standard Offering” button in the top right-hand corner. This will then allow you to choose your standards by clicking on the standards you are delivering and save this to your account.

You can click on as many standards as possible within this section and just click save once you have selected them all. Again, you can search per sector to find the relevant standard.

You can also review the version numbers of each standard to ensure that you are using the most up to date version with your learners, this can be seen in the bottom right corner of each standard.

Please note that some standards have different pathways, if this is the case you will a standard for each pathway. Please ensure that you add all of the course options so that apprentices can be allocated to the specific pathway they are on.

This is very important as the Gateway/EPA components may differ between pathways and you must ensure that each apprentice is linked to the correct pathway within the chosen standard.

Finally, once you have added the standards you are delivering, these will now appear on the left-hand side within the “Standards” section of the system where you will be able to review each component in more detail and being adding apprentice records to the chosen standards.

When all standards are selected, you will now be able to begin adding apprentice records to each standard, as well as being able to view the knowledge base from the EPAO’s you are linked with for each standard for more information and guidance, to support your learners on their journey.

To add apprentices to the system, tokens will need to be purchased. To see how this is done, please click here.

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