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Booking Dashboard

Booking Dashboard

As bookings are allocated to you, they will appear in your booking dashboard.

This is the most important part of accepting/rejecting booking assignments. There are three statuses, and you can see the number of bookings in each status (in total) and in the last 7 days. Click on the relevant box to see a filtered view of the bookings.

Booking Dashboard
  • ASSIGNMENT STATUS – PENDING – A booking has been assigned to you, and the EPAO is waiting for you to review and accept/reject the booking.
  • ASSIGNMENT STATUS – ACCEPTED – A booking has been reviewed by you, you have declared no conflict of interest, and accepted the booking.
  • ASSIGNMENT STATUS – REJECTED – A booking has been assigned to you, and you have rejected the booking while providing a reason.

Ensuring that there are as few bookings in Pending Status as possible will help speed up the process of confirming bookings and reduce the chance of bookings being allocated to another assessor.

NB: Try to Accept/Reject bookings as quickly as possible to allow the EPAO to confirm the details with the apprentice, the employer and the provider.

BEST PRACTICE: The number of pending assignments (all available data) should not exceed pending assignments (last 7 days). Therefore, you should be responding to bookings in less than 7 days. Ideally, you should respond within 24 hours of the booking being assigned

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