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Booking Details

Stage three of creating a booking request is to add details to your booking requestThe information in this section is shared with the apprentice in the confirmation email. Details in this section can be edited until the booking has taken place.

Please note the following information is optional, but adding detail may improve the EPA process and limit delays in the booking process.

The following details are requested within this stage:

A booking file can be added to this section for EPAO users to view. This may be a checklist to support the End-Point Assessor when conducting the assessment. This can be added at a later date by editing the booking. To edit a booking please click here.

As mentioned above, this is optional however, it’s best practice to provide information in this section, as this will be emailed to the apprentice (if the email feature is switched to on, on your account). For example, you may want to provide information such as EPA checklist, ID reminder etc.

Once this section is complete, please click next to move to Additional Apprentices.

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