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Booking Venue

Stage five and the final stage of creating a booking request is to request a date for EPA, select an online or face-to-face assessment and if applicable select the venue.

Use the date picker to select a suitable Assessment Date. The availability is based on the EPAO availability.

Please note the date is only a requested date and does need to be accepted by the EPAO. This date may change based on End-Point Assessor availability.

Use the selection tool, to select an online or in-person assessment type for this booking request.

If you have selected an ‘In-Person’ assessment type, you can now enter the address for the requested Assessment. Use the drop-down to select from the Provider, Employer or EPAO address. Alternatively, select ‘other’ to enter a new address using the postcode lookup tool.

Enter your postcode, click ‘Look-Up Address’, select your address from the drop-down list. The Street Address and City will be automatically populated. You can add additional information to the Street Address & City if required.

Once all the fields are complete, you can click ‘Submit’, confirm and send the request.

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