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Break in Learning

Break in Learning

ACE360 supports providers when it comes to applying a Break in Learning within the system. With the introduction of the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework, we understand that keeping information up to date is key. For more information on the Apprenticeship Accountability Framework, please click here.

This feature allows providers to apply a break to any apprentice and pause the learner within ACE360. This allows EPAO’s to see which learners are in-training but on a break to ensure that information is accurate when it comes to forecast and making sure that data is correct.

To continue using the new feature, click on a learners profile through apprentice records section. Next click, on the actions button in the top right-hand side of the apprentice record.

Here you will see the “Break in Learning” feature. Once this is clicked you will need to provide a reason for why the break in learning is being provided. When this is confirmed the learners record will show the reason why the learning break has been applied and that the apprentice is on a break.

The record can then be view in the “Archived Records” tab in apprentice records, as well as a filter being applied for a learning break.

Resume Learning

As and when an apprentice comes back to learning, admins and super admins are able to resume the learner back to the previous status. To do this, simply click on the record from within the archived records and on the apprentice’s profile. Go to actions in the top right-hand corner of the screen and click resume learning.

Before the learner can resume learning, you will be asked to confirm this by clicking resume.

Break in learning

Now that this process has been followed, the learner will now be back in training and show in the live records section of the apprentice records option. Please note that when the learner is back in training, the Expected Gateway EPA date may need to be updated. To do this click edit and adjust the date to ensure that this is accurate.

Break in learning

This will now show to the EPAO that the learner is back in learning.

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