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Calendar URL

Calendar URL

Each user will have access to a unique URL of your calendar. You can import this link into your chosen calendar application to keep up to date with all of your assessments. To view this click the get calendar URL button.

Note that each calendar application will behave differently as regards how often it refreshes the information from your calendar.

Once the get calendar URL has been clicked. Select and copy the URL or click the copy button. You can then import this link into your chosen calendar application.

The following links provide information on how to do this in some of the calendar applications available.

Finally, click the close button on the pop-up box.

Calendar Details

  • Within your chosen calendar application, you will be able to view confirmed bookings and the following details.
  • Date, start and end time.
  • Booking ID: (Numerical value searchable within booking tool).
  • Assessment for TPO: (name of provider).
  • Number of apprentices: (number of apprentices attached to booking).
  • For Standard: (Standard of the apprentices being assessed).
  • For Components: (Components for which the apprentices are being assessed).

NOTE: Assessors and Senior Assessors can access their own unique URL and view their apprentice bookings in their chosen calendar application.

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