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Changing EPAO

Changing EPAO

Within an apprentice record on ACE360, Providers have the ability to change EPAO. This feature allows providers to make a change to a record in the build up to a learner going through gateway.

This feature is available to Super Admins and Admin users, to perform this change on the system, please follow the steps below.

Firstly, click into an apprentice profile. This can be done via the dashboard by selecting the status or by clicking on the apprentice record section on the system.

Once in an apprentice’s profile, please select the “Action” button in the top right-hand corner. You will have the option to edit the attached EPAO.

Click this edit option and this will allow you to change the EPAO. A box will appear were you will be able to change the EPAO and update the gateway date.

Click save and the apprentice will be attached to the new EPAO.

Please note that if a PO or Invoice has been attached to the apprentices profile, you will need to contact the EPAO to have this removed before the change above can take place.

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