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Confirm Booking

Congratulations, the booking has been checked, your assessors have accepted and you are ready to send the confirmation to the provider and an email confirmation to the apprentice.

Use the search and filter functionality to search for bookings that are still waiting to be accepted, that have been accepted and for the bookings that have been rejected by your assessors.

While in the booking, click ‘MANAGE BOOKING’ and then ’CONFIRM’.

This will trigger an automatic email to the apprentice confirming the booking and changed the status of the booking on the training providers dashboard.

Apprentice Confirmation Email

As soon as the booking is confirmed, ACE360 will send a confirmation email to the apprentice email within the Apprentice profile. This has been provided by your training providers.

The email will contain all the relevant information required for the booking.

  • Date of assessment
  • Time of assessment
  • Venue address (not displayed if online)
  • Additional notes
  • Dress Code
  • Personal Protective Equipment

Confirmed Status

Once the booking is confirmed the status of the booking will change to confirmed and the dashboard will be updated. Use the filters to easily find confirmed bookings and search confirmed bookings within a given date range. More information on search and filters can be found here.

While the booking is in confirmed status, you can complete the following actions;

You can now wait for the assessment date, and the attendance to be marked by the Assessors. More information about confirming attendance can be found here.

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