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Confirm Gateway Readiness

Confirm Gateway Readiness

The final step towards submitting an apprentice for EPA is to confirm the gateway for the Apprentice. To save time, and to highlight the button, this action now appears on the record when all mandatory elements are complete. These mandatory items are;

  • English Certificate Evidence
  • Math’s Certificate Evidence
  • Gateway Components (Portfolio of Evidence, Projects, Qualifications, Employer Ref/Peer Review)
  • Gateway Declaration

For more information on how to upload evidence to gateway components, please click here.

Once all information has been uploaded, please click actions and upload gateway declaration. Upload the relevant document by clicking upload evidence and click save.

When all evidence has been uploaded, a green ‘Confirm Gateway Readiness’ button will appear.

A pop-up box will appear for you to confirm the apprentice is EPA ready.

This will lock the apprentice’s profile and the apprentice’s status will now show as Gateway Approved. The profile will now be ready for the EPAO to review and accept or reject the gateway components. This will be visible on your dashboard. For more information on the dashboard please click here.

We hope our latest knowledge-base article has helped you understand how to Confirm the Gateway Readiness of an Apprentice. Still looking for help? Why not visit our Youtube channel which has lots of helpful tutorial content created by our friendly team. Click here!

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