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Create a Booking

Apprentices who have successfully passed the gateway stages and been approved for EPA can now be added to a booking request. The apprentices will fall into the following statuses on the main ACE360 Dashboard. If your apprentices are not in one of these statuses, they cannot be booked onto an assessment.

A learner must be either “Approved for EPA” or “EPA in Progress” status on the system. This can be viewed on the Dashboard.

The following steps will allow you to create a booking.

  • Within the all bookings tab, click on “Create a booking”

Alternatively, you can create a booking directly within an apprentices profile, if this method is used, you will go to stage 2 of the process to select components. To use this method simply click on an apprentice profile by clicking the “Create a Booking” or “Create Draft Booking” button.

There are five stages when creating a booking that will need to be reviewed and information updated if required. These areas are;

Each stage is explained in greater detail within the guides on this knowledge base, to view any of the individual stages, please click the section from the list above.

When moving through the stages simply click the next button to move to the next stage or back to return to the previous step.

To stop creating the booking request, click the next button or the back arrow. A pop up will appear about abandoning the booking, select yes.

Please note, you will need to cancel or abandon the booking request process if you wish to make changes to stage 1 (Select an Apprentice) or stage 2 (Select Components).

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