Dashboard Grade View

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Dashboard Grade View

Dashboard Grade View

Outcomes for the last 30 days relating to the results of EPA and information relating to any resits (These are not time-bound i.e. relates to all resit requests/rejections).

Clicking on any of the tiles will present automatically filtered lists of all the apprentice records, meeting the selected criteria. The list can be exported for further analysis, as well as clicking on any individual apprentice record for further details.

The dashboard has been broken down into 4 areas, these are as follows:

  • EPA Passed – All apprentices who have successfully achieved their apprenticeship in the last 30 days
  • EPA Failed – All apprentices who have failed EPA in the last 30 days
  • Resit Requested – All apprentices who have failed EPA and a Resit has been requested and is awaiting the EPAO decision
  • Resit Request Rejected – An EPAO can decided that a resit is not possible. The decision will be based upon specific EPAO rules and guidance relating to each standard. The EPAO’s decision on resits is final

To review this information, first, click on the tile you wish to review. In this instance, this will be EPA passed and EPA failed.

For failed EPA, click EPA failed and this will display all failed EPAs from the last 30 days.

This information can be reviewed further by looking into each apprentice record, or exposing

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