End-Point Assessment Resit Requests

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End-Point Assessment Resit Requests

If an apprentice fails EPA, a resit can be requested by the training provider through ACE360.

EPA fail is indicated by an E in a red circle alongside the apprentice’s name. The record remains locked at this stage.

To request a resit, open the apprentice record and click the “Request Resit” button and confirm the request for a resit.

Confirmation of the resit request is indicated beside the apprentice’s name on their ACE360 record.

The EPAO will consider the resit request and has the option to “Accept” or “Reject” the request for a resit. The EPAO’s resit decision will depend on a number of factors. An example would be the standard, the component(s) that failed, and the number of prior EPA attempts.

EPA fail grades will be confirmed if the EPAO rejects the request, and no further re-sit requests can be made. The apprentice’s name will be changed to “Resit Accepted” if the EPAO accepts the request. 

This status change will result in you being able to rebook the apprentice using the booking tool. The booking tool is subject to the EPAO using this feature.

As with the “attempts” at the gateway, ACE360 will retain a record of the number of EPA attempts and the evidence associated with each attempt.

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