How to Request Reasonable Adjustments

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How to Request Reasonable Adjustments

ACE360 has been developed to make requesting reasonable adjustments for your learners as easy as possible. The system has been designed to make this process quick, simple, and effective when it comes to notifying your chosen EPAO that you would like to request a learner who is on the program.

Let’s explore how to use ACE360 to apply for reasonable adjustments.

The first step to apply for reasonable adjustments, you will need to find the learner you wish to apply reasonable adjustments for within the apprentice record section of the system.

Once you have found the learner, simply click into their profile, and go to the “Shared Documentstab within the learner’s profile. Here you will need to upload evidence to support the request that is being made. Please ensure that within the additional information section, this also has what learning support is required to support the EPAO with selecting the correct adjustment.

Please note that EPAO’s apply the adjustments based on the IFATE guidance, this can be viewed here. The EPAO must confirm the decision within 21 working days of acknowledging the request.

NOTE: You can use the template that has been created by ACE360 and placed within the knowledge base within the system. However, please ensure that you check with your EPAO to see if they have any documentation that has already been created and follows their process.

Once you have uploaded all evidence that for the request that is being made, the next step in the process is to click on “View account information” in the top right-hand corner within the selected apprentice’s profile. Here you simply need to click on “Requesting Reasonable Adjustments”.

Please note that once you have requested an adjustment for a learner this can’t be undone. You will be prompted once selecting the request reasonable adjustment if you wish to continue.

When you have selected continue, you will notice reasonable adjustment section will reflect the request being made and show a tick within the section.

This notification will also appear on the apprentice’s main profile page next to their name to allow you to see what stage the request is at.

After following the above process, the EPAO will be notified within their dashboard that a request has been made and this needs to be reviewed. The information that has been uploaded into the “Shared Documents” will be reviewed by the EPAO to support the decision-making process.

The request will either be accepted or denied, at both stages the icon next to the apprentice’s name will change based on the result.

If the request has been denied the reason will appear on the apprentice’s profile section and more evidence may need to be gathered to enable the adjustment to be applied.

As a Training Provider, the system allows the functionality to export data from the system where all information aligned to the apprentice will be displayed, as well as Reasonable Adjustment Requests. This will enable a provider to see the status of each request that has been made for all learners. This can be viewed by clicking “Export Data” within the apprentice records tab on the system.

Once the data has been exported, filters can be applied to locate the information you wish to display.

If you require any further information or support, please contact our support team who will be happy to assist you. You can contact us by email at or by telephone on 0300 303 4444

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