Linking to End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs)

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Linking to End Point Assessment Organisations (EPAOs)

As part of the initial ACE360 setup, you need to set up links between your organisation and the EPAOs with who you will be working with. This is a vital step as without requesting links to EPAOs you will not be able to process an Apprentice through Gateway to EPA.

Connecting with EPAOs has been designed simply, to allow you to start working with your chosen EPAO straight away.

To connect your organisation to an EPAO, you will need to “General Settings” and select the EPAO Links tab.

When you have navigated to “General Settings”, the next step in the process is to click the “Request a link to another EPAO”

A drop-down list of all the EPAOs registered on ACE360 will be displayed, from the list select the EPAO(s) that you want your organisation to be linked with. As you select an EPAO, it will be added to a list of connections ready to send the link request.

NOTE: If your chosen EPAO doesn’t appear in this list please let a member of the ACE360 team know via email at We are continuing to work with EPAOs and will be adding to this list as additional EPAOs use ACE360.

Once you have selected all the EPAOs, you simply need to click “Send Link Request” which will notify the EPAO of the connection request.

Each of the EPAOs you have selected to link to will be sent an email invitation and asked to confirm their working relationship with you, once accepted this will create an ACE360 System link between your organisation and the selected EPAOs.

Within the system, you are also able to see your active links and any pending links that you have made to EPAO(s). This will be displayed on the EPAO Links tab as seen below.

You will receive an email from each EPAO confirming the link has been accepted the invitation you have sent. The EPAO will then appear in your active link EPAO tab to show all the EPAOs your organisation works with.

If the EPAO denies your request to work with them, then you will also receive an email informing you of this decision.

Having sent EPAO link requests you will now be able to select the standard to attach to your ACE360 account, which will enable you to start adding apprentice records.

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