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Manage Booking

While a booking is in Pending, or confirmed status, you can click Manage Booking. This will allow you to EDIT BOOKING or CANCEL BOOKING, add ASSESSOR ASSIGNMENT or RESET TIME (Reset Time only available when an assessor is allocated to the booking). Take a look below to manage bookings!

Manage A Booking

Some of the options available are:

  • Assessor Assignment – this allows you to allocate and check availabilty of your assessors.
  • Cancel Booking – this allows you to cancel the booking
  • Reset Time – this function allows a user to reset the chosen time, and remove all assessors from the booking
  • Edit Booking – This allows you to edit the Requested Assessment Date, the information from booking details and amend the information from additional apprentices. During the Pending Booking status you can remove any apprentices from the booking, or add new apprentices who meet the Standard, Components, Apprentice Status requirements set out in previous stages.

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