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Marking Assessments

Marking assessments in ACE360 assessments can be viewed by watching the below video, or reviewing the written guide below.

To mark assessments within ACE360 Assessments, click on the marking button in the admin panel. This is located in the top right-hand side of the screen.

The marking page is split into different tabs, the tabs that are visible to you may vary based on your settings and permissions. If you need a role change please contact your admin to edit your account. The marking tabs which are available are:

  • My Marking – The assessments which have been assigned to you to mark
  • Waiting – Assessments which have been completed but have not been assigned to a marker
  • Being Marked – All assessments that are currently being marked
  • On Hold – Assessment that a marker has put on hold
  • Approval Needed – Assessment that have been marked and need approval from a senior marker before results are released
  • Marking Skipped – Assessments which missed the deadline date and time, and have been automatically skipped
Marking Assessments

To begin marking, click on the view button on the desired assessment. This will bring you to the marking screen, which will show all the questions which have been set to ‘Human Marked’, if there are questions which have been set to ‘auto-marked’ you can view them by clicking on ‘Show All Sections’.

The left-hand panel in this screen will show the following information;

  • Student Name
  • Date of Assessment
  • Time Taken
  • Pause Time
  • Marker

There are also some other areas within this panel such as:

Attempt Details

ACE360 Assessment downloads the assessment attempt, and produced two forms. One PDF and one Word which can be downloaded to view the responses on the assessment attempt by the learner.


After you have updated the marks award for a question, you can click the refresh button to see that total marks awards.


You can assign the assessment attempt to another marker if you need to, or if you would to control who is marking various assessments. this can be done by selecting a new marker from the drop-down list.


Feedback can be assigned to apprentices on the test attempt by either uploading a document into the system or by typing feedback into the text box which is available. This will be visible to the apprentice once the marking has been approved.

Approving Marking

Once all marking has been completed, the final step is to approve the marking. Before approving you have the option to put the marking on hold or finish marking. To do this simple click the button.

Within this screen, you can input question specific feedback under each section. As well as annotate the responses by clicking on the pencil.

If all marking is correct, the last step is to click the ‘Finish Marking and Release Result’.

Marking Assessment - Image 3

Once approved, the test attempt will be attached to the apprentices profile where marking can be viewed, as well as a track of how many course the apprentice has done.

Marking Assessment - Image 2

You can also view the apprentices profile directly by clicking the view in ACE360 button. This will take you directly into the apprentices profile using the ACE360 ID number which is generated once an apprentice is added to the system.

We hope this knowledge-base piece has helped you understand the ACE360 features relating to marking assessments. Still need help? Why not check out our Youtube channel which is full of free, helpful resources! Click here.

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