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Reject a Booking

There may be occasions where you need to reject a booking on ACE360. It is encouraged to respond to bookings as quickly as possible. This helps to show the EPAO that you are responsive and they can rely on your promptness to accept/reject.

Within the booking, click ‘Manage Booking’ > ‘Accept/Reject Booking’.

Choose the option to ‘Reject This Booking’ and then add a reason for rejection. It is recommended to be as detailed as possible within this section; good administration behaviour may help in receiving future bookings.

The booking will appear in your rejected assignments, but the detail of the booking will be locked. If you accidentally reject it, contact your super admin/admin and they can re-assign the booking to you.

REJECTED ASSIGNMENTS can be filtered using the search and filter functionality on the All bookings Tab. You can use the date filter to search for the number of rejected bookings within a given date range. For example, how many bookings have I rejected last month?

The rejected booking will show in your dashboard.

We hope our latest knowledge-base article was able to explain how to use this feature. If you still need help, why not check out our Youtube channel which is full of helpful and informative content which has been created by our friendly team. Click here to view!

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