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Request Cancellation

There may be occasions when you need to cancel a booking. Click on the booking you would like to cancel to review the booking details. Within the booking, click Manage Booking, and select ‘Request Cancellation’.

A dialogue box will allow you to enter a cancellation reason. Use the diagonal lines to stretch the size of the box showing the cancellation request.

Once you have entered your cancellation reason, click Request cancellationto notify your EPAO about your request to cancel the booking. Click ‘Cancel’ to abandon your cancellation request.

The booking status will now appear as cancellation requested. The filters by Booking Status and the date picker will help find cancelled bookings easily.

Please note providers can only request a cancellation. Your EPAO needs to review the cancellation and accept the request before it will be shown as cancelled.

Reviewing Cancelled Bookings

The Booking Cancellation request reason will be displayed within the Booking Details.

Note. Your EPAO will be able to see the cancellation request reason, and the booking will appear as cancellation requested in your ‘All Bookings’ table.

Your EPAO will review the cancellation request.

Note: The EPAO may ‘Reset Time’ on the booking, which reverts the booking back to Pending Status.

If the booking is accepted by your EPAO, they will cancel the booking and add cancellation notes to the booking.

The status of the booking will change to cancelled within your all bookings tab.

the bookings dashboard will now display any cancelled bookings

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