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Search and Filter Bookings

Search and Filter Bookings

Within the All Bookings tab, you can use the search and filter functionality to easily find bookings. Please note that all the filters will display the Providers in alphabetical order for a user to review.

SEARCH BAR – search for bookings using the following criteria (Apprentice First Name, Surname, booking ID).

Click on the ‘FILTER’ button to filter your Apprentice records by a large range of different criteria. You can now select the filter options required and then click the ‘APPLY’ button.

Search and Filter Bookings

The filter options available are:

  • Booking Status – Further filter ‘booking status’ by date range
  • Attached EPAO – Choose from a drop-down list
  • Onilne/In Person
  • Standard – Choose from a drop-down list
  • Component – Choose from a drop-down list for components within the standard
  • Assignment Status – Choose from a drop-down list, a date range filter can also be applied
  • Booking From and To

Please note that once you have applied a filter, these will be remembered as you navigate around the site.

Multiple Filters

You can apply multiple filters to a booking; for example, if you want to see the bookings that have been confirmed within the last week; those which are taking place in person; or those which are due to take place within the current month.

Each filter tag can be removed individually by pressing the X next to the tag.

All filters can be removed by selecting the X on the right-hand side of the filters.

You can also remove all filters by clicking filter, then pressing the ‘clear all filters’ button.

When filters are applied, the orange dot will appear on the filter button. ACE360 will remember your applied filters as you navigate around the system.

We hope that our knowledge-base article was able to help you understand how to search and filter bookings. If not, why not check out our Youtube channel which is full of helpful and informative content created by our friendly team. Click here to view!

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