Stage 1 – Select an Apprentice

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Stage 1 – Select an Apprentice

To start the booking request, click “create a booking”. This will take you to the first stage which is to select an apprentice.

When in the select an apprentice stage, the following information will be available to view;

  • Apprentice Name
  • EPAO
  • Standard
  • Level
  • Apprentice Status

Here you are able to select from the list of apprentices or use the search box to find the desired apprentice. You’re able to search by surname, first name or both to support with finding the apprentice the booking request is being made for.

ACE360 will show a list of 10 apprentice records per page, to navigate through these pages simply click the forward and back buttons.

Click on the apprentice of choice and click next to move to stage 2.

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