Stage 4 – Additional Apprentices

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Stage 4 – Additional Apprentices

Stage four of creating a booking request is to add more apprentices to your booking request. ACE360 only allows apprentices on the same standard, with the same EPAO and the same components available to book to be added.

The two search bars can be used to find apprentices by First name, Surname. There is a search bar for apprentices on the booking, and for all your apprentices available for this booking request.

Information from the apprentice profile about learning support will be displayed to help when adding apprentices to your booking request. Our main user guides provide information on requesting a reasonable adjustment with your EPAO. Click here for more information on reasonable adjustments.

You can add apprentices to the booking by pressing the “Add” button as seen below:

This will add the apprentice to the booking request. To remove an apprentice from the booking, click the remove button:

Please note the first apprentice cannot be removed from the booking and is highlighted in grey. To remove this apprentice, abandon the booking and start again.

Once complete, click the next button to progress to stage 5.

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