Submitting for Gateway Approval

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Submitting for Gateway Approval

Submitting for Gateway Approval

Upon achieving all the gateway components and uploading the required evidence to each component, a pop-up box will inform you to add the gateway declaration to the record.

Submitting For Gateway Approval

To do this, click the “Actions” button in the top right-hand corner and select “Add overall gateway notes”. A pop-up box appears for you to enter and save any relevant notes.

The next step is adding the gateway declaration. Similar to adding the gateway notes, click “Actions” in the top right-hand corner and select “Add gateway declaration”.

When all information has been uploaded, you can confirm gateway readiness and submit the apprentice to the assigned EPAO. To confirm gateway click the “confirm gateway readiness” button that appears.

A warning box will appear reminding you that once you have confirmed gateway readiness for the apprentice and the EPAO will be notified and the apprentice’s ACE360 record will be locked. When the record is locked, no additional evidence can be uploaded however, you are able to edit apprentice and employer information. As well as being able to view the apprentice’s record.

Post Gateway Apprentice Record

Once the gateway readiness has been completed for an apprentice, there are some changes to their profile which you will notice. The first change is to the apprentice progress bars, which will move to “Evidence Complete” (Green) and “EPA Ready” (Amber).

More changes will also be applied, such as:

  • Padlock icon next to the apprentice’s name
  • Status change which will show a green G, meaning “Gateway Approved”

A notification will be sent to the EPAO you work through the system indicating the apprentice’s profile is now ready to proceed to End-Point Assessment.

We hope that our latest knowledge-base piece which explains submitting for gateway approval. If you need more help, why not check out our Youtube channel which has many helpful tutorials created by our team! Click here.

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