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Token Purchasing

ACE360 uses tokens for the creation of an apprentice record and you will need to ensure that you have available tokens before you can add any apprentice record or select standards to be linked to your ACE360 account.

Please note that ACE360 Super Admin, Admin and Finance Manager users all have the ability to purchase tokens within the system. It’s best practice to purchase tokens upon setting the system up and adding all your apprentice records to the system to open up new possibilities within the reporting features of the system to support managing the EPA and learner journey.

To purchase tokens, select the “Token Management” icon in the menu bar on the left of the screen. If your user account doesn’t permit token purchasing, then you will not see this icon. The cost of a Token is £7.50+ VAT on ACE360.

To purchase tokens there are two options, please click on the method you would be using for more information.

The system offers two options to purchase tokens, this can be done by adding a Card to the system or by providing BACS information. If paying via card the tokens will be added to your account instantly, if paying via BACS this can take up to 48 hours to be cleared before the tokens are added to your account. Please note that any un-paid token invoices will be cancelled automatically within 90 days and will not appear in the pending tokens section of ACE360. This is to allow users to have a clear view of any tokens which are pending to keep track of invoices in an easy fashion.

All token order/payment transactions will be recorded in the ACE360 “Activity Log”. This will only be visible to designated ACE360 Finance Manager and Super Admin user accounts.

Here you are able to download the invoice and see when tokens were requested and signed off. Once tokens have been added to the system you are now able to begin adding Apprentice Records.

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