Uploading Gateway Evidence

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Uploading Gateway Evidence

Uploading Gateway Evidence

All approved standards have an assessment plan that outlines the components that an apprentice needs to complete prior to progressing to the apprenticeship gateway.

Gateway requirements are detailed in each apprentice ACE360 record and are based on the standard being taken. Evidence of apprentice achievement can be uploaded and securely stored in the apprentice’s ACE360 profile during the training period.

To upload gateway component evidence to an apprentice profile, follow the below steps:

First, click into the apprentice’s profile and click on component details on the left-hand side of the screen.

Uploading Gateway Evidence

Then use the “Upload Evidence” button to upload appropriate achievement evidence. Please note that evidence can be uploaded one at a time or you can drag and drop evidence into this area to upload multiple files at once.

Once any evidence has been uploaded against a gateway component, a small blue clipboard icon will appear.

Downloading, Previewing and Deleting files in an apprentice record

Working with files within the system has been designed to allow users to view information easily when in an apprentices profile.

Once a file is uploaded, the following options become available when working with files:

  • Edit File Notes
  • Download Files
  • Preview Files
  • Delete Files

Within the apprentices profile, you can download all iles associated with gateway. This is useful when you are reviewing and confirming gatway for an apprentice. To do this select the “Download all evidence for latest attempt”.

Shared Documents Area

Each apprentice record has an area where docuemnts can be uplaoded and shared between training providers and the linked EPAO.

Information for this section may include:

  • Declarations
  • Additional Evidence
  • Additional Learning Support Documentation

To access this facility, click on the shared documents tab within any apprentice record.

To upload a document, click the “Upload Document” button. When a file has been uploaded this will appear as an icon which can be downloaded or deleted.

The shared documents area can be accessed at any point during the apprentice’s progress. Even when an apprentice record is locked to the LTP (during EPA).

We hope our latest knowledge-base piece has helped explain uploading gateway evidence to you in a simple way. For more in-depth guidance, why not head over onto our Youtube channel? Click here!

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