Viewing and Editing Apprentice Records

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Viewing and Editing Apprentice Records

Each apprentice record consists of several components, these include;

  • Information relating to standard and the apprentice progress (Left hand side of the sceen), including Gateway and EPA components
  • Apprentice information (right hand side of the screen)
  • Employer information (right hand side of the screen)

To edit either apprentice or employer information, click the “Edit” button. On the apprentice tab, you can edit key information for the apprentice to ensure address details, contact details and start dates are correct. You can also edit the start date and the expected end date (i.e. when the apprentice is ready for EPA), this supports your chosen EPAO with forecasting.

Please note that not all fields can be edited. The ULN and ACE360 ID fields are locked and cannot be edited.

Once you have made the changes to any of the apprentice or employer information sections, please click save to save the changes.

If you require further information on any of the Gateway components then click on the appropriate item on the left-hand side of the screen and appropriate details will be displayed on the right-hand side of the screen.

This is also the area where you upload any evidence for the relevant gateway component by clicking “Upload Evidence”. The maximum file size per file is 2GB to support any video evidence you may gather during the apprentice’s journey on the program.

If you have an apprentice who is not assigned to an EPAO, you will see a banner within the apprentice profile notifying you that this is the case. You can still upload gateway component evidence but you will be unable to progress the apprentice record to be “Ready for Gateway” until an EPAO has been assigned to the record.

To attached an EPAO to an apprentice record, use the “Actions” button within the profile and click “Attach an EPAO”.

Please note that as a Training Provider, you are not able to access/edit anything relating to the EPA components, as this will be the role of the linked

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