Withdrawing an Apprentice

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Withdrawing an Apprentice

Once an apprentice record has been created on ACE360, it is possible for the training provider to withdraw the learner from the programme. This can be done at almost any stage of the process however, once the final EPA grade has been award the record cannot be withdrawn.

It is not possible to withdraw an apprentice once their status has been moved to grade determined.

If an apprentice is withdrawn from the system, this will move the apprentice record from “Live Records” to the “Archived Records” tab within the apprentice record section on ACE360.

If an apprentice is withdrawn on ACE360 within 90 days of their start date, then the system will automatically credit one token to your supply of available tokens.

To withdraw an apprentice record, open the apprentice’s record and select the “Actions” button. If this option is not available the apprentice may be in the grade determined phase.

Once you have clicked withdraw apprentice, a message will appear on the screen asking for the reason the apprentice is being withdrawn from the program. This reason will appear on the apprentice record when the apprentice has moved to the archived tab within the system. Once you have provided a reason, please click the “Withdraw” button.

The message reminds you that following the withdrawal of an apprentice record, this will be locked and any evidence or files to the record will not be accessible.

To view the record, simply click the apprentice records button in the menu and go to archived records. The apprentice will now appear in this tab and when you click don’t he record an organ banner will appear indicating the reason for withdrawal, the date and which user carried out the action.

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