Accepting Gateway Submissions

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Accepting Gateway Submissions

Lead Training Providers (LTPs) are responsible for populating the basic details of an Apprentice’s ACE360 record, as well as uploading any “in-training” evidence (e.g. Portfolio, English, Maths achievements etc.) that are required to meet the Standard’s specified Gateway requirements.

Once the Apprentice’s training has been fully completed, the Apprentice, with confirmation from their employer, will be ready to progress to End Point Assessment (EPA). At this point, the designated EPAO will receive an ACE360 notification which can be viewed in the dashboard, and be given updating/editing access to the EPA section of the Apprentice’s record.

As an EPA user you will be able to review the Gateway documentation that has been uploaded in order to demonstrate, and evidence, the Apprentice’s learning and achievements.

To carry out this review, select the specific apprentice from within the live apprentice list and choose the evidence that you would like to review. This will bring up the gateway component details on the right-hand side of the screen and any evidence that has been uploaded.

You can view any notes left by the training provider, preview and/or download the file(s). The buttons to use to review this information can be seen below:

Once all gateway evidence has been reviewed, you will need to either accept or reject the evidence to confirm the apprentice has met the gateway requirements and become ready to take the End-Point Assessment.

When all gateway components have been reviewed and accepted or rejected. Click the actions button and select Accept/Reject Gateway.

A pop-up box will appear for you to choose from two options. These are “Yes, approve for EPA” or “No” to reject. Within the pop-up box, you had to add an explanatory note – especially if you are not approving for EPA.

Once accepted or rejected the record will show all sections that have been accepted in green or rejected in red. There will also be a change to the apprentice progress timeline, this will now be EPA ready.

Gateway Rejections

If you have decided not to approve an apprentice for EPA, then the LTP will receive an ACE360 notification on the dashboard and the apprentice record will be unlocked for them to make the required amendments. Once the evidence has been uploaded the LTP will be able to resubmit for further review and approval.

Apprentice status shows as “Denied EPA” in red. The EPA process will not start until the identified issues with gateway requirements have been addressed by the training provider.

The LTP will be able to refer to your gateway declaration notes to find out the reason(s) why EPA readiness was not confirmed.

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