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ACE360 Resits

With the introduction of “Component Resits”, End Point Assessment Organisations now have full control over the way they process repeat EPA attempts.

Some Assessment Plans allow individual EPA components to be repeated in the same EPA window, so we have introduced “Component Resits” to give better control and visibility of resit activity.

There are now three ways to “resit” in ACE360:

  • Component Resits
  • Full resit
  • Re-take
Component ResitTo allow individual EPA components to be repeated where component resits are allowed.For instance, if a knowledge test is failed, a failing grade can be confirmed by the assessor, and an EPAO admin can open the EPA component to allow a second attempt.  Attempts are recorded and an apprentice can have as many attempts as required.
Full resitWhere an Apprentice is awarded an overall fail grade, the Training Provider (LTP) can request a resit on behalf of the Apprentice.
There must be sufficient time remaining in the EPA window to undertake the resit, and further training is not required before the repeat attempt.
Should only be used when an overall fail grade is awarded.  The introduction of “component resits” will mean that less overall fail grades are awarded, and there will be less need to undertake an overall resit as a result.
Re-takeWhere an Apprentice is awarded an overall fail grade and one of the following conditions applies:
There is insufficient time to undertake a resit The Apprentice has failed, and further training is required A fresh gateway is required for the next attempt
Full re-takes should be rare but allow an apprentice to re-fresh gateway and complete their second attempt in a new gateway window.

Whichever route the apprentice takes, each new attempt is logged on the “Invoice.csv” download report.  Every resit creates a fresh line for each attempt recording the date and type of resit applied.

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