Applying a Provisional/Overall Grade

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Applying a Provisional/Overall Grade

Applying a Provisional/Overall Grade

Once all component grades have been applied to the apprentices EPA components, you can now apply provisional and overall grades.

To do this, please ensure that all EPA components have evidence uploaded and a grade applied. To do this please click here.

Provisional Grade

Once an End-Point Assessor has uploaded all EPA information, the End-Point Assessor can follow the below steps.

Click on the actions button in the top right of the apprentice profile page and select apply provisional grade. Select the grade that the apprentice has achieved and click confirm. This will add an icon next to the apprentice’s name stating the grade is provisional.

Notes can be made in the provisional grade pop-up box to add further clarity. Within the provisional grade pop-up box, information such as the apprentices start date, approved EPA date, EPA window and Overall duration will appear and can be reviewed by a user to ensure the minimum duration has been met.

Overall Grade

The next step can only be performed by Super Admins/Admins, this step is applying the overall grade an apprentice has achieved.

First, click on the apprentice’s profile. This can be done through the search filter or by clicking on the Second Review tile on the dashboard. For more dashboard functions please click here.

As a Super Admin/Admin, you’re able to review the EPA components and either remove the grade of an individual EPA component, for more information on how to unlock component grades, please click here.

The next step after clicking the second review tile, is to select an apprentice’s profile and once the information has been reviewed and quality checks complete. Click the actions button and select review overall grade.

A pop-up box will appear where you can either uphold the grade or change the grade. To uphold the grade, click this option, now you are able to put feedback in the text box and upload any feedback you wish the assessor to see. When you have uploaded documentation, please click confirm.

To change the grade, this is the same process, however, you will have a box requesting you put a new grade and again upload a document.

Click confirm and this will update the apprentice’s profile with the new grade. The information you upload will also appear in the EPA components area under ‘second review.’

Please note that any information that has been uploaded into the EPA components is only visible to EPAO users.

Once the grade has been applied, EPAO’s have the option to share any evidence from the EPA components with a provider. This can be done by clicking the share icon on the file and the file will then show in the Shared Documents area of an apprentices profile for review.

We hope our latest knowledge-base piece has helped explain applying a provisional/overall grade to ACE360. Still need more help? Why not check out our Youtube channel which has many helpful tutorials created by our team. Click here!

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