Apprentice Records – Search and Filter Options

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Apprentice Records – Search and Filter Options

ACE360 enables you to view, manage, progress and track apprentice records that have been linked to your EPA account with ease and simplicity.

To view records, select the Apprentice Records icon on the menu bar.

In this area there are 3 tabs:

  • Live Records
  • Record Assignment
  • Achieved Records

In the tabs, you will be able to search for apprentices that are aligned to each section. The search functionality allows you to search by:

  • Apprentice’s ULN
  • Apprentice First Name or Surname or both
  • Employer Name
  • ACE360 ID
  • Standard Name – Version number and Option

All of the above options can be searched in the free text search box within the Apprentice Records section on ACE360.

Any matching records to your search criteria will then be displayed.

To view more information, you can also click on the “Filter” button to search by different criteria. Once the filter options have been selected click “apply” to see your results.

Filtering Options Available

The available filtering options in the system are as follows:

Apprentice Status – can further filter “Apprentice Status” by date range

Attached LTP – choose from a drop-down list of the providers you work with

Apprentice Date of Birth (from and to date picker)

Expected Gateway Date (from and to date picker)

Assignments (of apprentice records) manage workloads/ensure all apprentices are assigned to an assessor

Resits – requested and rejected

ESFA Certification – Issued or Not Issued

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